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overview of the GBIO framework

As the primary output of of the first GBIC event, the GBIO Framework can help align efforts of all stakeholders to enable integrated understanding of biodiversity.


The framework is organized into four focus areas, each of which is broken down into five core components. Each focus layer interconnects with and strengthens the others; all four are needed for biodiversity informatics to achieve its full potential. Each focus area—and the individual components within them—can advance independently, but as they do they should start to feed into and reinforce each other, making them together far greater than the sum of their parts.

fitness-for-use and annotation

taxonomic framework

integrated occurrence data

aggregated species trait data

comprehensive knowledge access

published materials

collections and specimens

field surveys and observations

sequences and genomes

automated remote-sensed observations

open access and reuse culture

data standards

persistent storage and archival

policy incentives

biodiversity knowledge experts

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